Nux DM1 Digital Drum Kit
Nux DM1 Digital Drum Kit
Nux DM1 Digital Drum Kit

Nux DM1 Digital Drum Kit

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About this Nux DM1 Portable Digital Electronic Drum Kit

The DM-1 is the newest innovated electronic drum set engineered by NUX. The brand new structure design makes it One of the most compact electronic drum sets (both in weight and size) available. We carefully selected 20 groups of drum sound to team up with the groundbreaking one-knob function that offers you infinite possibilities and fun. Built-in coach function and recording function provides you a better way to practice, improve and enjoy drumming.

20 Groups of Carefully Selected Drum Sounds

The integrated drum sound of DM-1 covers various music genres: rock, blues, jazz and electronic etc. To make this possible, we took the advice from professional drummers and carefully sampled drum sounds of a bunch of legendary drum sets like: Pearl Reference, DW Collectors, Brady and 808 Drums.( the mentioned manufacturer and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners, the trademarks were used merely to identify the sound character of DM-1.)

What is OneKnob?

OneKnob is a groundbreaking feature we added to DM-1. Basically, its a knob integrated with 3 effects: Drive, Compress and Wet and can let you carve your drum sound in real-time. Rotate the knob to try different combinations to get your favorite drum sound.

Coach Function and Recording Function

The DM-1 is more than just a normal electronic drum set, the built-in couch function can help you have a better track of your daily practice and improve your skills step by step. Recording function can capture your innovation any time.

Foldable Design and Stable Structure

The brand new structure design of DM-1 makes it the tiniest electronic drum sets available. You can leave it in any corner of your house or put it in your trunk and take it with you for a small performance. Dont fool by its size, DM-1 is strong enough to bear strikes from a bruiser.

Recording Your Beats

Want to record your beats to a PC/Mac Simply use a strip of USB-MIDI cable, no extra hardware needed. You can also use the DM-1 together with various softwares to access to more features to play, compose and perform.