Astro 5pc Junior Drum Set
Astro 5pc Junior Drum Set
Taye Drums

Astro 5pc Junior Drum Set

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Astro by TAYE DRUMS is perfect for the junior or beginner drummer seeking high-end features such as 100% Poplar shells, durable hardware, as well as black plated lugs and counter hoops complementing three durable laminate finishes.
Astro Drums Junior Drum Kit is a quality complete 5-piece drum set for kids and young teens! This is not like any set you see in toy stores, this is a real quality drum kit sized for kids! Featuring a 16" Kick Drum - 8" & 10" Rack Toms

These drums are suitable for beginner and experienced players alike by boasting premium quality construction & design while maintaining a low enough price for even the freshly novice.

Distributed in North America by Taye Drums. A great starter drum set for kids ages 2-6! Available in Sky Blue, Jet Black or Wine Red . - 14" Floor Tom & a 12" x 4" Snare Drum this set is all a kid could need! ALL Hardware included! Pedals - Stands - Everything! Even cymbals! Comes with cool looking black hardware on the drums!

This 5-piece childrens drum set includes the following :

• 8” and 10” Mounted Toms

• 12” Floor Tom

• 16” Bass Drum

• 12” Snare Drum

• 14x5.5 Snare Drum

• Snare Stand

• Bass Drum Pedal

• Hi Hat Stand With Cymbals

• 10" Cymbal mounted on the bass drum

• Junior Throne (stool)

• Drumsticks
Available in Black and Blue